Technology Assessments

Technology changes these days swiftly, and it is quite difficult to stay with the latest tools, trends, standards and processes that can be leveraged to give your business a strategic advantage.

Resource Corner undertakes technology assessment is an objective by analysing its client’s organisation’s IT infrastructure which assesses risk, inventories, human resources and technologies in place along with meeting industry best practices. This information allows our clients to easily define their goals for projects towards the success of their respective departments. Resource Corner’s assessment methodologies are designed to help its clients’ increase the effectiveness of their IT efforts and investments by delivering accurate, tailored results every time. We often hear, while dealing with everyday incident and problem management, the IT departments usually deviates from industry best practices, consequently it becomes difficult to take new initiatives from the organisation and a detailed understanding of their infrastructure becomes extremely crucial. The first and foremost step of strategic planning is, to take a step back and assess the status of technologies in place.

Our qualified technical consultants at Resource Corner have years of experience in Information technology, are closely aligned with our business partners and will help them to understand how their technologies align with industry best practices. Our consultants have seen wide variety of clients and developed highly transferable skill-sets. Because of this, the combination of these skills and a refined discovery methodology generates accurate, concise, and customised business propositions which deliver the best operational insights.