DevOps and Artificial Intelligence

DevOps Consulting Technological Expertise

At times enterprises infrastructure deployment depends on DevOps automation and standardization processes to get faster innovation, better operational efficiency and improved deployment quality enabling them to focus better on their business goals.

Resource Corner is a DevOps and Automation specialist company enabling large enterprises to disrupt traditional delivery models of Infrastructure Management, Application Development and Service Delivery Operations with faster velocity, better quality and optimized models.

Overview of Resource Corner DevOps Consulting Services:

Strong Source Control, Elasticity in Cloud Computing, Automated monitoring.

With fine-grained service architecture, Resource Corner’ Devops Consulting Services enables faster mean-time to recovery.

Running of tests frequent reducing chances of failures and rollbacks. We experiment without request. Cohesive teams with shared objectives, lean principles and continuous delivery of value.

Future of DevOps is Artificial intelligence and machine learning:
Technology in general is about adding convenience and improving quality of life. Automating routine tasks is just common sense. Automation is also a core component of DevOps. The next level of evolution for automation would be for machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable tasks to be automated that are simply impractical to do at their own paces. Companies are looking forward to modernizing their legacy application suites and transform them to next-generation architecture business suites. Resource Corner offers full spectrum of DevOps services spanning strategy consulting, training, implementation and support for actualizing these business changes and implementing the transformation strategy.

We can lay down a solid foundation based on present maturity-level and create an improvement roadmap that could scale-up to cover the entire organization, with the right metrics to measure progress. Industry best practices across Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF), Scaled Agile Framework, Project Management (PMBOK) and Operations & Service Management (ITIL) will be incorporated. Our transformation team of experts in product development, Agile and DevOps will become your mentors. Frictionless adoption and actionable metrics were guaranteed through a governance framework spanning project, program and portfolio teams.