Business Intelligence Software Solutions

Resource Corner believes Business Intelligence (BI) must be the part of any organisation’s operations, to monitor the impact of change and alert the management at crucial times to bring awareness to their decision-making processes. BI forms the baseline for transformation, allowing a business to become more efficient and provide a better service. Effective business decisions must be based on trusted, robust and accurate information, acquired through meticulous data integration, quality assurance and analysis. BI is also increasingly relied upon to deliver compliance with regulatory mandates and legislative issues.

Resource Corner offers extensive multi-dimensional Business Intelligence knowledge, support and expertise to its clients at every stage of the process, from database technologies until data-warehousing solutions including Advanced Modelling, ETL, Business Analytics, production of Dashboards and Intelligent Reports. Our BI goals extend beyond this and we strive to refine and innovate using leading technologies & techniques, to deliver the highest levels of consistency, timeliness, quality & accuracy to our customers.

Resource Corner’s Business Intelligence Practices are set of life cycle data warehousing-based consulting processes focused on bringing innovative and valuable solutions to our clients. Resource Corner delivers solutions that are designed for organisations at all levels of Business Intelligence maturity, expertise & help merge independent BI platforms into cohesive enterprise solutions. We work with clients from a broad spectrum of industries on varying BI projects including business and technical assessments, strategy and planning engagements, data warehouse design and development, and Best Practice implementations. Resource Corner Business Intelligence expertise extends into multiple complementary focus areas across the broad BI spectrum of technologies and disciplines.

Our Business Intelligence highlights

  • Provide quick and timely ROI, while positioning our clients for future growth
  • Utilizes flexible, complementary architectures to enable platform evolution and low-cost solution options
  • Provides shorter time to deployment using an experienced team of professionals, best in class tools and a proven delivery approach
  • Enables customers to expand and improve their operational efficiencies and strategic investments, while achieving business performance goals and related metrics.
  • Enables client self-sufficiency and comprehensive knowledge transfer

Business Intelligence Solutions offered by Resource Corner

Resource Corner has thorough knowledge of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management Solutions. Therefore, it offers end-to-end solutions and consulting services across industry verticals using leading technology products. Resource Corner’s proven methodologies and flexible delivery model ensures smooth & successful implementation of BI solutions that meet the business requirements of the customers.

Highlights of Resource Corner’s BI practice:

  • Over 12 years of experience in delivering DW & BI solutions to Global customers
  • Dedicated Competency Centre for BI solutions for SAP HANA, IBM Cognos, Oracle and Microsoft
  • Time-tested development model ensuring lower cost of ownership
  • Robust AMS methodologies and practices enabling 100% SLA compliance and efficient service delivery.
  • Resource pool with certified consultants

1. Business Intelligence Software Solutions using SAP HANA Technology

SAP HANA solutions for analytics-based projects

SAP HANA is a modern platform for real-time analytics and applications. It enables organizations to analyse business operations based on a large volume and variety of detailed data in real time, literally at the speed of thought, from a human perspective. Initial deployments of SAP applications on SAP HANA have shown that business users can act on quick and timely system responses, which opens the door to application possibilities that we would not have imagined with other traditional database, data warehouse technologies. The platform can be deployed as an appliance or delivered via cloud. The solutions can be obtained for database level, data warehouse level and functional systems level up to complete business intelligence level with operational reporting-based solutions in limitless combinations. SAP in-memory computing is the core technology underlying the SAP HANA platform. Our certified consultants have experience in handling such projects.

As technologies continue to evolve faster than ever before, organisations know how to store big data, and they now need to know how to derive meaningful analytics from the data to respond to real business needs. As cloud computing matures, more enterprises are building efficient and agile cloud environments, and cloud providers continue to expand service offerings. Resource Corner provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to deliver insights about the past, present and future to help organizations capitalize on Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively through our consulting solutions.
In today’s big data world, breakthroughs occur when different types of information intersect thru structured and unstructured form and be it internal or external to the organisation. We help to leverage internal information assets, augmented by external information sources, to gain competitive advantage. Creating solutions and architectures that harness the value and power of big data and cloud can give your company a competitive advantage, spark new innovations, and increase revenues.

2. SAP DATA SERVICES Software Solutions

SAP Data Services has been successful in the market for several years now for Integrate, Transform, and Improve your enterprise data irrespective of structured or unstructured. Resource Corner has provided a number of solutions to its customers using this data management software, which provides best-in-class functionality for data integration, quality, cleansing, and more. Data services do a lot to your business just because your business needs timely access to trustworthy data and insights. With SAP Data Services, you can quickly discover and integrate data to make it available for real-time analysis.

Data Services can eliminate redundancy and streamline costs by housing critical data in one location, enabling the data to be accessed and/or updated by multiple users while ensuring a single point for updates. Business Objects Data Services is a software interface that enables to do jobs that extract information from heterogeneous sources, transforms that information using complex inbuilt transformation functions to fulfil business needs and to create a single data store or data warehouse for additional analysis.

Resource corner’s outsourcing engagement models

Resource Corner offers an array of outsourcing engagement models for its customers creating sort of flexibility to decide how they wish to associate with Resource Corner to involve thru any of our supporting models.

1) Hire Dedicated Resource

One of the most sought-after model, specifically for long term engagements, which gives the customer flexibility to plan their development in iterations and reduces the time for the software to be put into production.

2) Time & Material (T&M)

A model which is mainly used when the development process is not going to consume the resource full time or when it is not possible to size out the work to be done. T&M model gives the flexibility both to Resource Corner and the customer to plan for the activity, get work done by with the business needs. In this process, Resource Corner maintains complete transparency about the work being done and the amount of time being consumed for any activity.

3) Fixed Time Fixed Price (FTFP)

A model most used when the scope of the work is defined and is possible to size out the efforts and project size. In this, Resource Corner defines the scope in consultation with the customer, find the cost and timeline for the project, and then it is Resource Corner’s lookout to ensure timely delivery with desired quality. Any scope creep is measured actively and if mandatory to do, is considered as a change request, requiring additional efforts and cost.

4) Offshore Development Centre (ODC) or Captive unit
The model is used by companies which are looking at setting up their offshore development centre but are not willing to set up their own legal entity in India. Resource Corner has a strategy to work with such customers and set up their centre within our premises as a captive unit or ODC and place Resource Corner’s technical team to work according to rules and regulations laid out by the customer.